• specialized in architecture modeling and rendering service.We have a reliable team of 3d modelers,architectural presentation and illustration specialists.We produce architecture rendering,architecture visualization,exterior architectural rendering,interior architectural rendering,3D Modeling,CAD drawing and landscaping design.We always strive for Client's success ,provide clients with more added values and learn from Clients.

    • We creative miracles and mad pursuit of perfection
    • renderings in JPG format
    • We provide most excellent and rendering work

    • 3D MAX modeling
    • We provide final scheme model

    • digital video
    • architecture exterior rendering

    • architecture interior rendering

    • architecture 3D animation

    • We are Assistant Architects

    • elevation perspectives for presen tation/PPT use
    • We can provide perspective views from different angles with high efficiency.We deeply know the client need these information to improve presentation.

    • Technical Support
    • Our technical artists are specialized in 3ds Max, Autocad, Sketch-Up, Revit, Photoshop and Rhino 3D. They can master these software and apply to various fields. They win in IT field.

    • MZ-CG would like to provide you our photo-realistic quality renderings not only interiors but also exteriors in Shanghai,China.We have a large libaray which include people,tree,car,flowers,etc help us produce excellent rendering work. Don't hesitate to consider our group as one of your potential overseas cooperator.

    • Our Process
    • MZ-CG is a leading provider of digital display.

    • The creative artists at MZ-CG acknowledge each project as a unique, multi-faceted challenge requiring its own set of strategic solutions for optimal success. Therefore, it is important to consider that execution methods and requirements may vary slightly due to project scope and nature. Following is a basic rundown of the 3d rendering process, including what our clients can expect:

      Submit your CAD files, blue prints and sketches to our team of experts for your initial quote. Submission of room, furniture and texture photographs for 3d interior design projects, as well as the submission of home photographs and site plans for 3d exterior design projects help us speed the design process, although they are not required. Please also provide accurate dimensions, elevations and floor plans to expedite the process. Acceptable file formats include PDF, DWG or DWF.

      You’ll be contacted for a project briefing, during which specific details and expectations will be discussed so that we can represent your ideas as accurately as possible. We’ll devise a quote, discuss pay terms and draw up a rendering agreement for your acceptance.

      An initial preview rendering will be provided prior to delivery of the final rendering. The final rendering will be delivered via email as a high-resolution MOV or JPG file. Our watermark will be removed upon remittance of final payment. We accept Western union, PayPal and wire transfer. Please contact us for a detailed assessment of your unique project requirements

    • Our portfolio
    • Our portfolio is a collection of our latest and greatful in responsive exterior renerings & interior renderings.

    • interior
    • we'd love to hear from you whether you'd like to partner with us. Or if you'd simply like to say hello

    • exterior
    • we'd love to hear from you whether you'd like to partner with us.

    • contact us
    • We'd love to hear from you whether you'd like to partner with us.

      Or if you'd simply like to say hello.

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